One night alone- Oneshot (NC-17)

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Demi Lovato-Fix A Heart


“You are such a fucking tease.” Josh growls against my lips pushing my back and flattening it up against the wall.

It had been 5 years since I had last seen Josh. We had broken up, and it wasn’t pretty. We went our separate ways. I moved back to Napa for 2 years before coming back to LA. I had run into Josh at George’s bar. He found me, and even after all these years and all the things said and done we ended up here; my apartment.

“You love it though.” I smile. His tongue drives into my mouth. His breath coming quickly warms me from head to toe. I claw my fingers at the back of his neck pulling him closer to me. His fingers intertwine in my hair.

“Sure.” Josh’s hands make their decent to my waist, lifting my cotton shirt ever so slightly. He draws patterns onto the skin of my stomach. I raise my arms, allowing him to pull my shirt over my head. He sighs as he brings his lips to my neck and down my shoulder. Josh’s fingers slide the straps of my bra down just enough to free my breasts. My nipples instantly bud at the cool air of my apartment. Josh glides his tongue down my chest and around my small peaks. 

“I need you.” I moan as he pulls away. He nods before picking me up and carrying me into my room. I laugh as he drops me onto my bed. He strips off his boxers and jeans as I take my bra off completely followed by my shorts. He crawls towards me on the bed, his eyes dark with lust stay attached to mine. I whimper when he grabs my thigh. My wetness is undoubtedly evident as Josh kisses up my inner thigh. I moan again.

“My turn to be the tease.” He laughs as he trails kisses along my panty line. 

“Go right ahead.” I huff. The heat was running through my core in anticipation of his touch. I remember the talent his tongue possessed. It was the best I had ever felt. I gasp as his tongue makes a long sweeping motion over my panties before he full on dives in. My fingers curl into the sheets as he rubs his nose against my clit.

 “Fuck.” I gasp again.

“I will but you must be patient.” He mocks.

“You know I was never one for patience.”

“Oh I know.” He flashes me a sideways grin as he slides off my panties.

 “Oh god you are so wet.” He mumbles against my folds, his tongue making its second attack against me.

My toes curl and my stomach clenches as my orgasm threatens to overtake me. Josh isn’t backing down either. His mouth is devouring me whole and I’m not sure how much longer i can hold on. 

“Josh!” I scream as I ride out my orgasm. He lifts his head to look at me before lapping his tongue over his lips.

“You taste as delicious as ever.” 

“Whatever. Just fuck me please.” I beg as I pull his throbbing cock from his Calvin Kleins.

He nods as I lift myself up. He pulls my lips to his before moving behind me. He bends me forward over the footboard of my bed. He glides a finger over my folds before gently entering me. A quiet huff escapes his lips. I moan as he thrusts in and out of me. His hands take hold of my long blonde locks, wrapping them around his hand. I loved it when he got a little rough. Josh leans forward and begins whispering profanities into my ear as he increases speed. He felt so good inside of me. I never wanted to leave this moment right now. My ecstasy grew with each pump. I moved my hand to my clit and began rubbing circles.

“That’s right baby, pleasure yourself. Come for me.” He continues to whisper in my ear.

“I’m going to.” I gasp as another orgasm creeps up on me. He is flying fast now, his breath becoming short and quickened. I throw my head back as my second orgasm washes over me. He pulls out and I turn to him. He is still hard as a rock when i take him in my mouth. I can taste myself on him but I don’t mind, I just want him to come as well.

“Jesus. You are like heaven.” He gasps as I bob my head back and forth before him. I swirl my tongue around his tip and up the underside of his length. He gasps, I know he is close to his end as he runs his fingers through my hair. I make another few, quick motions before removing my lips as he finishes. His juices are spilled all over my mouth, down my chin and my chest. I greedily lick my lips and take care of the rest. 

“Wow, you’ve only gotten better.” He says as he pulls me into his chest, I nuzzle my nose into his little tuffs of chest hair.

“You’re not half bad yourself.” I reply, closing my eyes and breathing in his familiar scent. I slowly start to drift away to the sound of his soft breaths when his phone suddenly goes off in his pocket. He ignores it and it finally stops. I close my eyes again hoping to drift off when it happens again. This time he groans before getting up and picking up his phone. He looks at the screen for a moment before sighing.

“I’m sorry I have to go, it’s Paige.” He sighs as he puts his clothes back on. He walks over to me and kisses my forehead before walking out the door to return to his wife.

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