EH i was bored oneday, and like i said this is one of the rare times i will use myself but hey haters gonna hate


Okay Alex, take a deep breath. I command myself as I smooth out my shirt. I nervously rang my fingers through my hair as I waited for Ms. Rossi to return. I looked down realizing that I was crunching the papers in my hand. I quickly tried to smooth them out before the real freak out began. This was only the beginning. I stood in the silent hallway. My eyes darted around, stopping periodically to look at the various music notes painted on the walls. I was in the back hallway of my high school; the hallway to the band and choir rooms. It was located directly behind the auditorium stage. I quickly darted my head to the left as I heard the doors at the end of the hallway open. Ms. Rossi came strolling down to me.

“There are coming in through this back door. I can’t believe this is actually happening.” She shook her head in disbelief.

“Me either, it’s truly a dream come true.” I said as my pulse quickened.

“Well let’s go meet them.” She half laughed as she gestured to the nearest doors to the outside. I nodded curtly, my anxiety quicken with each passing second. We both passed through the doors to the staff parking lot. Two black SUVs were parked right up to the door. I propped open the door that normally locks so we could return the way we came. The cool fall air swirled around me, eliciting a shiver.  My gaze averted to the second one as the back door slowly started to open. I messed my hair again as I began to feel faint. The golden blonde hair was the first thing that caught my eye as he stepped out of the car, followed by his hazel eyes and wonderfully sculpted jaw. It all happened so quickly I barely had time to register that he was directly in front of us now.

“Mr. Hutcherson, I’m Carol Rossi staff advisor to Brooklyn High’s Gay Straight Alliance. I’m so thankful that you made it here today.” Ms. Rossi smiled brightly as she shook his hand. The butterflies in my stomach were doing back flips at this point. I felt like I was going to hurl.

“Nice to meet you! I’m glad to be here, whatever I can do to help the LGBTQ community.” He flashed her that shit-eating sideways grin that made me swoon. I couldn’t help the smile spreading across my lips and the heat that was flooding to my face. His hazel eyes then turned to me with such intensity I barely registered his greeting.

“I’m Alex. I’m so excited that you are here.” I spit out. My words had nearly escaped me with that look he was giving me.

“So you are the one who was pushing to bring me up here to this frigid state.” He mocked a shiver. I laughed.

“This is only the beginning Mr. Hutcherson. You should be here in the dead of winter. That will send you running for Hawaii.” I smiled. He laughed, the noise originated in the back of his throat. A genuine laugh.

“Please call me Josh. “

“Josh, we have a little while until everything starts. What would you like to do in this oh so frigid state?” I questioned him as we headed for the comforting heat of the school. It was very early morning, Josh had to be in the school before the mobs started. We functionally had the entire day to prepare.

“I guess since we aren’t allowed to leave you could show me around your school.” He suggested, lifting his eyebrows at me.

“Sure.” I oblige. He turns to the group of people who had arrived with him and explained I was taking him around. I took him around the school, showing him the various things we had to offer. It was by no means exciting but he pretended to be interested. I took him into our small library and sat him down at the nearest table. He looked up at me as I past by him to the seat across the table.

“So, you are the one who arranged all of this, that must mean you are a fan.” He smiled at me again, my heart melting inside me. If running a blog dedicated to you and writing smut fanfiction about you is a fan then yes.

“I guess you could say that. I really admire your dedication to equality for everyone. It’s… inspiring.” I shrugged my shoulders attempting to be coy.

“Well it’s always been a big part of who I am and I always thinking why not use my status for something bigger than me. I’m glad to help you and everyone else.”

“Thanks. When I told my some of my best friends they nearly collapsed on the floor.” I laughed at the memory.

“Well coming out is never easy especially to peers.” He stated looking down at the wood table.

“Oh no, I’m not gay, or bisexual.”

“Oh my god I’m so sorry. I just assumed. There my big mouth goes getting me into more trouble.” Josh’s eyes were glowing with apology. I giggled. We both looked up as someone who had arrived with him appeared next to us. She was coming to collect him.

“It’s okay, I forgive you. Straight But Not Narrow this girl right here.” I laughed pointed at myself.

“Just what I wanted to here.” He winked at me as he stood up from the table. My gut dropped as I watched him walk away. Did that statement have a double meaning?

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